Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More of my trip to the province of Guanacaste

I got here on Thursday and since then I have had a lot of wonderful experiences. On Friday I went with the Elon students to learn about recycling and how important it is to do it to preserve the environment and to make sure the animals are fine. On Saturday we went to the largest mangrove in Costa Rica. It is 12 kilometers long and it is beautiful. We took a boat ride along the mangrove and we saw fish, crabs, crocodiles, different types of birds and many howler monkeys. They were so loud! In the afternoon we went to Playa Grande, a beautiful beach very close to our hotel. I could not swim in the ocean because it has a lot of currents and huge waves, but I saw surfers everywhere. Now I want to learn to surf. The sunset at this beach was beautiful!

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